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What kind of fabric do you choose for the mask?
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What kind of fabric do you choose for the mask? Masks can be divided into non-woven masks, gauze masks and activated carbon masks according to their materials. The difference in materials has nothing to do with the protective filtering effect. What really matters is whether the structural design of masks is reasonable, the fit degree between masks and face shape, etc.

What kind of fabric do you choose for the mask?

Non woven fabric mask: one is made of pure cotton absorbent gauze or knitted fabric on the surface, and various non-woven fabrics are sandwiched in the middle; The other is sewn directly from non-woven fabrics. The filtering effect is good and the air permeability is slightly poor. The latest varieties are non-woven materials on the surface and back, and filter paper in the middle, so as to make the filtering effect of non-woven mask to a higher level.

Gauze mask is made of sparse cotton cloth after sewing. It is mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors. Only adsorbent or sorbent is contained in the poison filter box.

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