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Guangdong Golden Leaves is an enterprise specializing in the investment of scientific and technological projects and the production of medical devices, epidemic prevention materials and other products. The enterprise covers an area of about 18000 m2, with 30 automatic flat mask production lines, 20 cup-shaped mask production lines, 30 kf94 fish mask production lines, 25 kn95 mask production lines, 2.8 million flat masks, 300000 cup masks, 2 million kf94 fish masks and 1.6 million kn95 protective masks. In addition, we have a 500 ㎡ high standard laboratory with automatic ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, medical mask, physical properties, PFE and BFE customs synchronous testing instrument to test the use function, physical and chemical indexes and holographic detection ability, so as to fully ensure the product quality.

At present, we have a Chinese medical device production license and a Chinese medical device registration certificate. Medical surgical sterilization license, our "import and export white list" in China, the list of epidemic prevention material manufacturers of the Ministry of Commerce of China, epidemic prevention material manufacturers approved by the European Union and the Canadian government, our own epidemic prevention material warehouse in Europe, the U.S. EUA FDA list, China's Shanghai Cooperation organization, the United Nations Commission for the promotion of trade and the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Wuhan Virus Research Institute has good cooperation!

We passed BSCI, anti-terrorism and ct-pat social responsibility audit. We have passed ISO9001 management system, ISO13485 medical device quality management system, Alibaba, Costco, SGS factory inspection, etc. The products have passed the test standards in different countries and regions around the world: en149ffp3nr, en149ffp2nr nb#2163 nb#2834 FDA, etc. Costco, h.m.s.1, Handel, belenos, GmbH 2, cgag, mec-group, Zhengkou of Japan and other major suppliers exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia are highly praised.

Advantages of Guangdong Golden Leaves Technology Development Co., Ltd.:

● based in Dongguan, Guangdong and radiating the world. one hour economic circle in the Pearl River Delta and logistics express are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

● international standardization plant. The production workshop has complete supporting facilities, automatic production and development of disposable mask products, and international standard workshop and production system. GMP standard workshop production, closed 100000 purification workshop automatic production.

● focus on mask raw materials and production process. The company is equipped with a professional medical material team, which controls the raw materials very carefully and strictly. At the same time, it adopts mechanized operation and pays attention to the quality and manufacturing details of the mask itself. The manufacturing equipment and technology are in a leading position in the industry.

● fast delivery. The company is located in Tangxia Economic Development Zone, Dongguan, with convenient transportation. Most products have regular inventory. You can arrange shipment after placing an order.

● strength faction. The enterprise has a large number of technical backbone, and the new product development speed is fast, which can quickly meet the customization needs of customers.

● multi channel publicity and professional sales team. Our professional team has rich experience in e-commerce and foreign trade. We are good at selling products to overseas customers efficiently. From eBay, express, dhgate to today's Amazon and wish, each platform is involved, and they have a better understanding of the rules and playing methods of each platform, and strive to promote sky screen through multiple channels and channels.

● at present, the company has a cooperative third-party warehouse in the world, with multiple r standards, stable products, higher efficiency, faster, simpler, no risk, better and more intimate after-sales service.

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